Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Anyone who's ever had a parrot knows that parrots are the superior race. Now you have the opportunity to showcase pictures of your messy, wet, or just generally adorable superior parrot. So start sending them to us. Just click here.

Please include your name (we will only use first name and last initial), the type of parrot, and any explanation you think is necessary.

We will supply the snide remarks, for free.

Send pictures only of your parrot, not you or your girlfriend or neighbor. A human hand, arm, leg, or foot holding a parrot is okay. No faces, please, other than the parrot's.

Please note that we will not accept pictures of parrots in unsafe conditions, like eating chocolate or playing with the cat, or about to stick a beak into an electric socket. We get to define what "unsafe conditions" means.

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