Sunday, December 14, 2008

Send Us Your Pictures

Submission Guidelines

The superior parrot picture you submit must belong to you. This means you own the picture and the rights to it.

What NOT to send: pictures of you, your boyfriend, neighbor, or anyone else. This is a site for pictures of parrots. A human hand, arm, leg, or foot holding a parrot is okay. No faces, please, other than the parrot's.

Your pictures should not be retouched or PhotoShopped. We want to see the real, natural parrot.

We will not accept pictures of parrots in unsafe conditions, like eating chocolate or playing with the cat, or about to stick a beak into an electric socket. We get to define what "unsafe conditions" means on a case-by-case basis.

Send us large pictures; we can't make the small pictures bigger, but we can make the bigger pictures fit.

Please include your name (we will only use first name and last initial), the type of parrot, parrot's name, and any explanation you think is necessary (or no explanation if you prefer). If you don't want your name included, please say so in your e-mail.

We supply the silly remarks for free. Don't take them personally. Or you can submit your own.

If you want to link to this site, go for it!

Click here to read the fine print and submit your pictures.


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